Let’s be real, yoga should be an escape from the middle of your stressful day.  But sometimes trying to balance on a yoga mat in a hot studio feels more like trying not to fall on a wet Slip ‘N Slide. 

The truth is after trying a LOT of non-slip yoga mats, the best solution to a blissful yoga session is a simple yoga towel.  Put one by your hands and feet and get ready to truly zen -out.  

Here are 3 of my favorite yoga towels.

For under $20 you can get this highly raved over yoga towel made with a premium microfiber. While the towel does have some texture to it, it’s still relatively soft which makes it a great texture for easy grabbing

This yoga mat has really great reviews and it’s only $17. it’s soft and absorbent-and really fun colored.  This towel is advertised as being great for activites beyond yoga such as travel and camping.

The cheapest of all the towels listed here (currently listed at $13 on Amazon), is also the smallest, this microfiber towel also has great reviews if you’re looking for a smaller option.