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Is The Sleep Industry Actually Helping Us Sleep?

Is The Sleep Industry Actually Helping Us Sleep?

70 Billion Dollars... That my friends, is the sleep industry. Afterall, consistant, restful sleep is pricelice... right?  According to the numbers that's what a lot of people think.  From weighted blankets, headbands that track sleep patterns, smart mattresses and the...

Virtual Running?

Virtual Running?

Stay-at-home, quarentine, social distancing... all words that don't fit well with group running activites.  But did you know that you can actually do virtual runs?  I've now tried three and it's honestly kind of fun.  Especially in light of the current world. What on...

Using A Yoga Towel?

Using A Yoga Towel?

Let's be real, yoga should be an escape from the middle of your stressful day.  But sometimes trying to balance on a yoga mat in a hot studio feels more like trying not to fall on a wet Slip 'N Slide.  The truth is after trying a LOT of non-slip yoga mats, the best...


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